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The Company

Established at Remscheid in 1818 at the present location the Richard Felde company represents six generations of the Felde family who have formed the image of the enterprise which is typical for Remscheid and its industry.

The Objectives

From the beginning the manufacturing programme was directed to the requirements of the woodworking industry. In the course of the industrialization our activities concentrated more and more on the line of machine saws and machine knives for woodworking and woodprocessing. A further specialization on high quality machine saw blades was our reply to the request for heavier duty by woodworking machines in the past decades. This comprises high efficiency accessory equipment offered to the industrial user, particularly in the saw mill industry.

Wood as a Natural Material

It is the great variety and the different quality of the types of wood originating from the provenance and the climate which makes woodworking and woodprocessing a difficult case for the machine and its tool. The output of a woodworking machine is focused in its machine saw blade. Careful choice of steel quality and steady controls complement craftsmanship in the production of optimally designed machine saw blades with good edge holding capabilities for the benefit of a minimum down-time and of a long service life. Cutting angles and edges must be such that every tooth does its share of the work, yet retains its geometry and sharpness.

Numerous Operations
of Production

To produce high precision machine saw blades of a consistently high standard many production operations are necessary, for instance more than 20 for Felde special carbide tipped circular saw blades.

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Proposals for the best use of Felde products are worked out according to individual requirements based on the conditions of operation prevailing in the place of action. The design covers programme plans of the user taking into account the plant equipment and all technical particulars in the operational field. The results are types of saw blades doing an excellent job for quality and quantity of the output.

Grinding the Seat of the Tips

Special Manufacturers of Machine Saws and Machine Knives

Suppliers to the Sawmill Industry

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